Asa’s Adventures

Our Mission

To provide foundational knowledge of human biology, disease, and health to the next generation through entertaining and engaging content.

Welcome to Asa’s Adventures! Contact us with any questions, email us about getting a paperback picture book sent to you, or get an ebook version for your kindle via the buttons below.

We now have more paperbacks available for sale! Thanks to your incredible support!

About Us

We are two Canadian Resident Physicians. Dr Caleb Dusdal and Dr Hermeen Dhillon.

During our final years of medical school training we recognized that we both had a passion for educating the next generation of children.

To accomplish this our first initiative has been to create the children’s book that likely led you here. Our hope is that this is only the first in a series with Asa, Rory, her Grandpa and others.

The proceeds from the books, any future initiatives as well as any donations (thank you!) will be 100% put towards future initiatives to accomplish our stated mission. No one involved has been paid as this is a project of passion and this will always be the case.

How You Can Help

Buy the Book!

The first book is available NOW on Amazon Kindle store

Spread the Word

Connect with us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and spread the word to your own contacts.

Don’t have a child but want to support this cause?
100% of donations goes towards future projects, and always will.


What People Are Saying

“Fantastic book! Especially important for children during this pandemic!”

Amazon Kindle Reviewer

“This book is perfect for my 4 year old! It teaches science and medicine in an age-appropriate and exciting way!”

Amazon Kindle Reviewer

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